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      • Guangzhou power supply bureau took the Thanks Letter to Nanjing Electric

        Upload time:2018-8-24 14:48:48

      • Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Limited recently sent a thank-you letter to Nanjing Electric (Group)Co., Ltd. expressing its gratitude to Nanjing Electric for its high quality and quantity supply to the Bureau last year ,ensuring the timely completion of the peak summer and key projects.

        Thank you letter said that 2017 as our bureau's infrastructure "hard year", many projects, heavy tasks, material demand. Your company has overcome the adverse factors such as the increase of raw material price, and supply to our bureau with quality and quantity assured, so as to ensure the orderly and timely completion of the peak summer and key engineering projects. We hope that your company will continue to support and cooperate with the project construction work of our bureau, provide high-quality products and services, and is willing to strengthen all aspects of contact and cooperation, to make greater contributions to the construction of Guangzhou electric. (River Water)