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      • Nanjing electric publishes new training materials for glass insulators

        Upload time:2018-8-24 14:51:36

      • According to the production and management needs of enterprises and the requirements of company leaders, Nanjing Electric Insulator Co., Ltd. recently organized the preparation of toughened glass insulator production technology new edition of training materials. The book was written by Gu Honglian, a senior expert who enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council government and more than 200,000 words about the whole book.

        According to the introduction, the toughened glass insulator products as The advantages, characteristics and brand products of Nanjing electric in China first creation so far has 60 years of R & D and production history. Over the past 60 years, several generations of employees of Nanjing Electric have persisted in self-reliance, arduous struggle, industry serving the country and independent innovation. The product has developed steadily from scratch, from small to large, continuously filling in domestic gaps, breaking foreign monopolies, leading the development of the industry, and meeting the needs of power construction. It has made outstanding contributions to the national power construction, especially the key projects. Around the development of the core product, the company continued to make technological transformation and independent innovation. Product production has gone through three stages of development: manual production, mechanized production and automated production with imported technology. The level of production technology quality has surpassed the world advanced level and become a model of modern industrial development in China. At the same time, the company has also done a lot of work in the field of industrial technology exchange and personnel training, etc. Continuous preparation of training materials is one of the important and core content, which is also the company's glass insulator products can be sustained and stable development of an important factor over the years. (River Water)